Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ReDesign and A Drawing!!!!!

Time to Redesign at Sparkle?
Some of you may have noticed that I've spruced up my blog this week! I can't help but think of one of my favorite movies 13 Going on 30, where the movie ends with a big push for a redesign of Sparkle Magazine.
Well, I wanted to add a little sparkle to the blogsphere and REFOCUS this blog. Today I will officially establish my blog as a Mama's blog with regular scheduling, and some writer ventures on the side. ;) I want to kick this off with a fun drawing opportunity, so keep reading!!!

First, here's the schedule:

  • Writing Every other Monday (Next one is this coming Oct. 7th): Click on the tab "The Writer's Alley" and take a peek at my group writing blog. Besides Mondays, swing by there every day to find great inspiration and wisdom from my fellow Alleycats also.

  • Walk With Me Wednesdays: Come by and find some of my heart poured out while I TAKE IT ALL IN as a woman along this road of motherhood and faith.

  • Thank Goodness It's Fridays: TGIF! I will post a quick fun idea of something my family is going to do together over the weekend, or a wish list activity we hope to do soon! I hope to help other mamas get their creative juices flowing, and encourage comments for ideas to make our precious family moments all the more intentional and special!


color enhancement of desaturated photo
What Mama doesn't want a great photo or card to capture their beautiful family or a precious moment to frame and display??

 You can WIN your choice of FREE photo editing on your favorite family snap shot...whether it be a quality spruce up, black and white conversion, a color enhancement (as shown), or sepia...

Christmas card example

 A custom holiday photo card design! With your photo as the centerpiece, you'll get a beautiful memory to share with family and friends this coming season.

HOW to enter the drawing?

There are a few ways to qualify for the drawing...each of them requiring a quick comment to let me know you've don't forget to comment! Here are the options:

1.  FOLLOW this blog! With one click to the right column where my followers are listed, you can become a follower and keep up with my weekly posts! Once you follow, let me know in the comments section of my current post.

2.  LIKE my Author Page on Facebook!  Are you a writer too? Interested in keeping up with my writing venture? Go to the tab "My Author Page" at the top of this blog, and you will be redirected to my author page. You'll get a glimpse at my life as an aspiring author. Again, let me know in the comments page.

3.  Send a Mama or Writer friend to do one or both of the above! You'll get your own name entered TWICE for referring, and your friend will also be entered in the drawing...(don't forget to let me know in the comments!)

I am super excited to get a schedule going around here! It seems that so much life whizzes by, and when I don't stop and pour out my heart a bit, little moments of lessons and joy get lost amidst the chaos! Hoping this blog creates some space to TAKE IT ALL IN for all my fellow mama bloggers and my writer friends out there!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm a blog follower :) Throw my name in the hat, love! Blog looks great!

  2. Thanks, Amy, for following! You are so sweet!