Friday, February 22, 2013

Big FAT Lies

I've started taking this Bible "study" which has you dissect the things you've been told about yourself since a child that affects your emotional well-being, and flesh out the lies that need to be replaced with actual truth in Christ. Heavy, right? I know! I have been kicking and screaming saying "I don't want to!" but I know I need too...
Because I still fall for the lies every day...and I am a grown up with a big God.
Lately, I have skulked around the house feeling G-U-I-L-T-Y (big indicator of falling for a lie)  because I don't make time to workout. I just really don't care about it. Now, I do care when my clothes get snug or if I am threatened to be in a swimsuit situation, but it certainly isn't on my "favorite things to do" list...and if I have spare time, I'd rather write!
So, I wondered why I feel guilty about something nobody is holding me accountable to? My husband pours out compliments all the time, so I don't feel like I need to shape up to win his affection. There is no reason in the world that I should feel guilty...but I do.
And you know what? It's because I believe the lie of all the things trending in society right now: Extreme weight loss, extreme workouts, cutting inches, depriving oneself of food...looking like you did in high school...even when you're nearing 40!

"If you focus on these, you will be happy with yourself, finally!" -21st century Society Trend

I am not embarking on those techniques to a better I shouldn't be happy with myself, right? I am "less" than I could be...which is ironic, isn't it?;)

Enter GUILT here.

If I can step back and realize where the lies are...the emotions that tell me I'm not good enough right where I am, this side of 100 pounds (there are many other scenarios I am sure...another one for me has been this side of being published...)...then maybe, just maybe I can make room for truth to fill me up.
And here's the truth...that I will tell myself from here on out, especially when I begin to give into guilt in any scenario:

I am loved right where I am. No matter how I look in skinny jeans, no matter if I have only broken a sweat walking up the stairs in the last 24 hours. God cares less about my figure (of course he wants me to be healthy and care for my body aka "temple"). But more about my heart...and I don't mean the one that needs fiber and low cholesterol items to survive...I am talking about the soul here...the one that will spend eternity with Him one day.

Why do I let things less important than this get me down? Sure, I may need to work on a healthy lifestyle, but it isn't worth the emotional garbage I have allowed to fill me up!

So, what lies have you fallen for? Or, how do you keep truth as a guard to your emotional state? Please tell me! I'd love to know!


  1. Oh, man you hit me over the head with this one! Thank you! I always cling to these really unrealistic ideals of perfection. I beat myself up because I haven't had time to work out. Because, unlike all my friends, I have truly horrifying stretch marks, because I'm not even close to my wedding weight. But then I think about how much time and stress I pour into this guilt and I see what a waste of energy it is. I see how unconditionally I am loved with all my flaws and I see that bettering myself is a process, one that will never be complete so being dissatisfied is really pretty fruitless.

    Great post, Ang. So nice to know someone else toils over this too!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I wonder how many of us walk around with that guilt bogging us down? I wish I could train myself to not let it in anymore!! HA!

  2. LOVE this, Ang! So true! I'm glad that your Bible study is going well so far!