Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Family Boot Camp

Appropriately after my last post, my family has taken a turn for boot camp. It's been snowy, we've banned video games/electronics to the weekends, and my husband was in charge of entertaining the boys this Monday. So, with the good ol' effort of a former CT from Texas A&M (ROTC if you're wondering), my hubby gave the boys something to do: push ups, sit ups, any physical activity that could be contained to our living room. It was fun for the first five minutes, and then it became more than became inspiration! They ran around the room, thumping their bare chests like gorillas (well, not really, but it was in the same spirit), and my three boys were spurred on to take it all a step further.
10 push ups?
I can do 11.
25 sit ups?
I can do 30.
How about arm wrestling? Let's see who wins.
What about racing around the kitchen island? I'll beat you by 1.5 seconds.
Yeah, can we say testosterone pumped FREELY through our haven from the wintry elements?

So, I sat back, laughing as my daughter also tried to keep up, and, this was an ingenious way to entertain these VERY energetic children on this VERY cold day....and then, my entertainment took a turn for the better: My 6 year old and 8 year old were raiding the fridge for only HEALTHY stuff. Yep. They munched on carrots, snap peas, blueberries, and apples. They were so excited to get in shape from my husband's impromptu boot camp, they took their hungry selves to the fridge in search for power food! Hilarious and awesome all at once!
The next morning, I even had to explain to them that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in their packed lunch weren't all that bad for them since I bought the all natural of each...they insisted it all had too much sugar!!

So, now it's Wednesday, and I sit here typing this while my son is continuing his sit ups with Dad as his spotter. These boys crave energy-releasing activity! And if this is the way they do it, then so be it. My husband may have sore arms from Monday's exercise, but at least sit ups and push ups for my rambunctious boys are better than video games!

 Do I hear an amen??

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