Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Truth's Truth

“Today not only in philosophy but in politics, government, and individual morality, our generation sees solutions in terms of synthesis and not absolutes. When this happens, truth, as people have always thought of truth, has died.”  ~ Francis Schaeffer

I found the above quote while searching for something to support what's going around in my mind. The other day, I picked up Kay Arthur's Lord, I Want to Know You, after about 6 or 7 years from the last time I read it. This book was such a tool in deepening my understanding of God, and digging into the Hebrew and Greek. I love learning about the original language! I picked it up recently, thinking, "Lord, I want to know you, again", and since Kay saturates her study in Scripture and Biblical truth, I hungrily opened my weathered copy.

And I read, and I nodded in agreement, and then a stirring in my core--but not of the Spirit--a stirring of skepticism--and then I checked my heart against all I knew, and realized what I knew was a jumbled mess.

The Truth that I had grounded my faith in, was muddled with opinions, subjective debates, faithless ideas, and biased explanations of the Word.
 It seems that, over the past years, I have camped more on others' thoughts about my Faith, than on my only certain Truth, His Word. And this is because the thoughts of others outweighed the amount of Scripture that I was meditating upon!

Isn't it easy in today's culture to form your ideas around opinions and suggestions than around absolute truths? It is considered uneducated to NOT seek out the opinions of others before making a decision. And it is so human of us, because if we'd just remember the God of the Universe is wiser than the wisest, and cares for us more than any politician, scientist, LOVING PARENT, we would know exactly where to seek Truth.

Thank GOD this hit me at this time of year. It is a great time to start fresh. For my belated New Year's Resolution, I am going to steep myself in the Word more. I want the Word to outweigh all the other mess that enters my brain! I want the Truth to "set me free" of humanistic boundaries and worldly contentment. I will cling to the TRUTH...the absolute Truth...and only use God's inspiration to form my opinions, to ground my faith:

There is one flaw with human opinion--it's human. Let us realize that there is Someone so much greater out there who chooses to open the door for us mere humans to His perfect Truth!

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