Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lockdown Drill Redefined

 "Mom, wouldn't it be cool if during our lockdown drill we all went to our lockers and hid inside them, then press a button and it would take us into an underground tunnel and take us to our neighborhood like at 100mph?" My son explained this to me on our ride to school this morning.

I smiled and said, "what if you did that just to come home from school each day?"

His eyes sparkled at the suggestion. "I didn't think about that!" Really? "Do you know that they're locking the doors at school now?"

"Yes. And putting a video camera and intercom system in."

We pulled up to the drop off line, and said our morning prayers, then my sons hopped out of the car and ran into school.

My oldest processes lots of things with "what if's". Let me tell you, his "why" stage was exceptionally long and thought provoking!

But our recent conversation made me think.

He understands what a lockdown drill is. I remember when he first heard about Newtown, he said, "Why didn't they have a lockdown drill?"
Now, weeks later, he is daydreaming about solutions to make the fallible lockdown drill, better.

And yet, he still gathers up his stuff and runs into school...trusting and living to the full.

I'd never have thought about what to do in a dangerous situation as a fifth grader. My biggest concerns were should I wear a training bra and could I convince my mom to let me buy the cool white swimsuit with puffy paint in the design. I wonder if I'd have dared to go back to school with the full knowledge of a "failed" lockdown drill?

I've always said we are raising our boys to be strong warriors for all that's good, for Jesus. And this broken, fallen world is proving that I must stick to this hunch of mine.

Fear is being re-defined by our times. So much to be afraid of is becoming a reality that we have to deal with. And like a strong armor with an extra layer of steel, our children are stepping out boldly in possible danger, only because it is their norm, and they have to bear a bold future upon their shoulders.

May we equip this young generation, and raise them up with Faith in the only sure place where Good is found, Jesus Christ, so they may fight and hope for a BRIGHT future!

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  1. I love reading your posts... they are so charming and addictive! Loved your thoughts here. And the sweet banter with your kiddos. :) Good mama!