Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Waiting Above

The cold weather brings a chill to my heart as the devastating story of Lyric and Elizabeth comes to a tragic end outside of Evansdale, Iowa. Two lifeless bodies discarded without care, without the fear of God. How does a mother come to terms with that? As I drive in the comfort of my car, to the bustling store with the twinkling Christmas lights, my mind is dark and my heart is heavy for children I've never met, for a parent's crushing sorrow, that I'd imagine, on most days, would be too much for a soul to bear.
Another sadness creeps into my spirit this time of year. As I listen to carols of the babe in the manger, and try to focus on the joy of the birth of a saving child, I can't help but feel the emptiness of my arms, the void of knowing my own angel baby never made her due date in late December. My December will never be forgotten.
And with this heart that is suppose to be joyous in the season, excited for the anticipation of Christmas morning in the eyes of my children, I suddenly grip a meaning of Christmas that I might have known, but never really emotionalized until now.
The Christ child fills that emptiness to the full. The hope He brought with His birth, takes away my sadness because it is an everlasting hope that one day, through His Salvation, I know my angel baby will find my arms in Heaven and I will look upon the face of my child for the first time and as long as eternity.
And I pray, and I have a hunch from their own Jesus-filled words, that Lyric and Elizabeth's mothers might mourn on Earth, but they have the peace in knowing that their baby girls are finally found...found in the arms of Christ, in a glorious place of Everlasting love...waiting with excited anticipation for their mothers' arms.

How our earthly view is so fleshy and slight, compared to the awesome sight of the Heavenly reality! This Christmas, may we be in awe of the Mighty God Who chose to limit Himself to the manger, to the ick and devastation of human flaw, to bring us the PEACE in knowing there is so much more waiting for us above.


  1. Angie, Praying for you with the holidays. I know it will be extra tough but I'm praying for an extra measure of grace for you.

  2. Thanks Julia. It is such mixed emotions! But I am so blessed with the life around me too!!

  3. Oh, Ang! I would have had my third at the end of October. It's definitely something that is always near my heart, and it's a scar that never fully heals in a way. But there is joy in knowing that though we might not get to be the ones to raise those children, we will see them again one day... and they are in really good hands until then. Praying for an extra measure of peace for you this Christmas!

  4. Amy, Thanks for sharing. Having a miscarriage was not something I understood completely until I had one. You are right, they are in really good hands, makes me crave Heaven all the more. Thanks for the prayer, and offering one up for you, sweet friend!

  5. Angie, this was so beautiful. Praying for peace and comfort this Christmas for you.

  6. Thanks, Gabrielle. Hoping your Christmas is warm and beautiful!