Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dream Whispers

Sometimes when I am dreaming at night, I find myself in a weird situation and I am able to "will" myself into making the situation super cool...like flying, or using just my eyes to move stuff. Basically, I have the chance to take my muddled, brain-dump dream, and really spice it up into something worth investing my sleep into.

That's what last month's ACFW conference was for me. I was able to take my countless hours of writing (I'd prefer to call it something much more than a brain-dump :) ) and spice it up, then present it to agents and editors for a chance at a dreamy outcome.
After returning home and sending out my requested submissions, it was so easy to rub my eyes and quickly forget the excitement and encouragement, just like my night-time dreams fade so quickly with my waking hours.

The details of last night's dream seep from my memory as the day tick tock's away, like the swelling pursuit of my dream deflates as time passes with silence and waiting. I need the reminder, and God grants me the assurance that the dream is still alive.

Twice since conference, I have entered into a small group environment with two different groups of people, but the topic of discussion was the same... Dreams. I didn't choose the topic. It was already in place by others.You may say it's coincidence, but I choose to believe otherwise. I believe it was a divinely appointed topic. And while it undoubtedly spoke to others, it was a personal whisper to me by Someone who gave me my dream in the first place, and Who knows how quickly I can forget His hand in it.

God created community to build us up and provide accountability. Both are things I desperately need at times like this. I may be in a season of quiet, a test of patience, but God doesn't let me drift too far away from the dream that He planted in my heart in the first place. Through group discussion, He gave me a chance to showcase my dream to others, to recall what the dream is about, and re-align it with His will if I had perverted it into personal striving. With the assurance of other believers in the small group setting, God reminded me that my dream is worth hanging on too, no matter how anxious I get as time passes.

If I can just remember that He is faithful in my pursuit, and that He'll continue to meet me on the path ahead, the only thing I should really ask is--not when or how--but what?

What, Lord, do you have next for me? I am excited to see!

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