Friday, September 7, 2012

Shifting Politics Aside for the Kingdom

This time of year is hard for me. I promised myself a long time ago, that I wasn't going to get politically outspoken during these elections. It does little to change minds, and only causes turmoil. Something I have come to realize, is that no matter which side of the political race is speaking, there is one common thread which unravels both of their credentials for me: A thread of fear, a bullying tactic that if you don't vote for them, everything is going down the tubes.
It angers me to think that we allow the media and political sphere to control our emotions when we the people are the ones in charge.
But are we anymore?
I feel like the people have given into this idolatry of the U.S. presidency, and believe that all the world's problems and well-being rests in that one seat in the oval office.
The greatest thing for me to remember is, no matter who is in office, my God is greater and will work anyway.
An elected politician will not stop God's plan.
Shouldn't that be a relief? Shouldn't that take the emotion out of the election process and just vote for the man that you think will be the lesser of two evils? Because, after all, they are just men...fallible, unreliable, talking heads who are driven by human agenda.
This year, I pray for the presidency, but I also praise the God who can work no matter who is Mr. President in November!

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