Sunday, September 9, 2012

Grabbing His Hand

Do you ever feel inadequate?

Perhaps, undeserving?

Have you banked on this one thing to elevate your purpose, to fill that void, to announce that you've finally arrived? And now you struggle with "what if's" and looming disappointment?

Whether it be a writing conference, a job interview, a desired blessing, a long awaited answer to prayer, find peace in the fact that no matter the bumps and curves in the road ahead, you have Someone greater walking beside you, promising to carry your burden, promising to carve the road according to a greater glory than your own.

It's obvious to me, when I crawl into the hole of my own effort, the one I've dug only relying on my strength. It's only when I reach my hand up and surrender all my doubts and insecurities and grab hold of the One whose peace surpasses all understanding, that my way out is sure, and I can move forward in a new confidence.

Keep your eye on the prize. Not the one that you THINK will make you happy, but the one that is promised to all those who walk in His ever-loving, ever-lasting faith!

Thank you, Jesus!


  1. Thank you for this reminder. I have times that I feel crazed and dazed. When I step back and look at myself,I realize I'm living for me rather than my Jesus. Oh, how wonderful and peaceful life is when I hold His hand and follow His lead. Much love to my sister in Christ!

  2. I need to send this to my daughter, Bridgette, today. She is moving through a crisis but tends to put all of her "eggs in one basket" - banking on one thing to elevate her purpose. She is just dabbling in this thing call faith and in letting go completely in order to surrender to Him and what His purpose is for her. It's her journey and I can't make it for her. But, words of encouragement like this are just what she needs. Thank you :)

  3. Marci, Thanks for stopping by! Glad that this spoke to you. I often find myself in that cycle of letting go of his hand, striving on my own, then finally reaching up and holding on again! Sometimes it takes longer to realize than other times. So glad He's always there!

  4. Glad this might speak to Bridgette, Dana! I miss you bunches!!!

  5. Angie, thank you for this beautiful reminder to keep my eyes on the prize--Jesus!

    Are you going to conference this year? I need to email you soon!