Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Mama's Heartspeak

The past few weeks have given me the conviction, more than ever before, to raise my children with a firm foundation--one based on truth and love. It's easy, now-a-days, to justify ourselves with subjective ideals, patchwork moral fabrics pulled from here and there, borrowed because it's popular or researched, used because of self-image or trying to fit in.

Frustration is my sidekick, it seems. I allow too many things to internalize and blur my heart's vision. If I gave into this, I'd find myself heartsick with worry about the world where my children are forming their own self-image, their own opinions. I'd throw myself in front of the threshold to the future, begging them to sneak away to my perfect little bubble on this side of Reason.

Today my son revealed some knowledge that I didn't realize he knew. Nothing terrible, just an "adult" subject in my mind. I wanted to ask, "where did you learn this?", "what do you think?", "how does this make you feel?","Can I tell you what I think...", all at once!! But I know I must wait, wait for a time when he is ready to discuss, ready to listen, ready to begin shaping his own opinion to his heart's blueprint. And that is what my prayer will be...that he listens to HIS heart, the one he gave to Jesus long ago, and not allow biased talk to cloud his heartspeak.

Isn't that something we should all pray for each other? To keep the world from scrambling our heart's conversation with God?  When burdens threaten to crush me, that is when I finally take the time to clear the "heart"waves and find God's voice again. My heartspeak was muddled and lost amidst the cloud of worldly things. I pray that I will not allow the static of this world to cloud my heartspeak, because ultimately, the One who longs to hear our hearts loud and clear is so much more satisfying, no matter how loud the static.

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