Monday, March 26, 2012

A One Year Old Joy!

My sweet baby girl is One!

My, how time flies...that is starting to become a theme to my blogposts. I just can't believe how fast time speeds by in this season of life.

She's a giggler, a mama's girl (won't let anyone hold her without a fight), 
a dancer...oh how she loves to dance! 
She loves her brothers, their silliness cracks her up already. 
She smiles at just about anyone, as long as Mama's shoulder is nearby to rest her cheek on.
And sometimes, she'll squint her eyes with a big old grin like she's trying to wink. 
And when she's tired...she cuddles with her daddy, who rocks her to sleep. 

Oh....and she LOVES cake.

A true sweet tooth, through and Daddy....and her brothers...must be in our blood!

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