Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Response to "Happy Holidays"

What if, “Happy Holidays” was reciprocated with a polite, respectful question, “Which holiday do you celebrate?” And then happily greeting that person accordingly? Why is it so difficult for Americans to personalize their conversations between a cashier and customer? Trust me, it is difficult for me too, but I am changing this year.

No more diluting the meaning of the season...even if it means something different to someone else...ACKNOWLEDGE THAT SOMEONE BELIEVES IN SOMETHING!!

To mask over this important time of year to many people with an all-inclusive greeting, steals away some respect from those of us who celebrate. When someone says, “Happy Holidays” they are really saying,

“I am sure you are one of the majority who celebrate either Christmas or Hanukkah, but I don't want to acknowledge your belief outright.”

We are in America, Land of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech! So let's stop hiding our hearts behind our words, and embrace the freedoms that we hold dear.

My first attempt at this new response to “Happy Holidays”:

At Hobby Lobby at closing:

Cashier: Tired, it is the end of the day. “Happy Holidays”

Me: Polite smile and lean in, “Do you celebrate Christmas?” after I noticed some religious jewelry on her finger.

Cashier: Big smile, bright eyes. “Why, yes I do!”

Me: “Well, Merry Christmas!”

Cashier: “Thank you!”

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