Monday, December 12, 2011

December Baby

I had an overwhelming sense of grief today. I thought about the tiny heartbeat I saw and the baby that would have turned 1 this month. It is strange that I am still brought to tears when I have a sweet 8 month old in this season. But my December baby is in Heaven and I can't help but remember. I looked back on my post last year, and I posted this song on the 11rh. Strange how it hit me around the same date this year. This is the song that I found after my miscarriage of my baby due in December.


  1. I've got myself two December babies and one wedding anniversary baby that still make me cry occasionally.

    I don't find your coming to tears strange at all, my friend. The first missed birthday is the hardest, I think. But don't staunch the grief, doesn't do any good anyway. Just because I have two living ones in my arms doesn't mean I didn't love the ones that never made it there.

  2. Oh friend,

    I completely understand. It's the hardest when you get to the anniversary. I still get sad sometimes, but I have an angel ornament on the tree now to always remind me of the little one I'll get to meet one day.

    Praying you'll have peace this month.

    Love you, friend!