Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Dream Unfading

Sometimes a dream kind of fades away and you know that it is no longer attainable, or worthy of your time. Every once in a while, I think that way about writing. Yesterday, I got my first rejection in my pursuit for an agent...actually, my first rejection for this particular book. And even though I was a little sad and freaked out at the possibility I may never find a place for this novel, I was still able to see the forward movement in my growth as a writer by processing all the agent said to me (she was very kind to respond to my query thoroughly). I have already gained much from this rejection, and don't see the dream fading, but pulsating with clarity in its persistence to reach that next level. One door may have closed momentarily, but God is swinging the greater door to and fro, coaxing me forward to see what is in store next. My dream is just around the corner, alive and well, and I am gathering up the armor to fight for it and make it reality.


  1. The fact that you got comments is, from what I hear, a good thing--means there was something there she/he saw potential in.

  2. Thanks Melissa. It was nice to receive feedback, trying not to let it shake me for pitching at conference. But I got a great idea to help strengthen my hero, so going to try and nail it down before I have to promote/defend it face to face! :)