Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Mama Writer's Dilemma

I have been so anxious lately. The two areas of my life that I am passionate about: my family and my writing, have both reached dramatic levels in my thought-life!

1. The fam: We went from one extreme to the next. The kids were B-O-R-E-D this summer, and I am A-D-D (killed brain cells (pregnancy-induced) make their affects known 3 months later)...SO, I signed the boys up for art camp and VBS, in the same week, thinking they would have fun and get tuckered out enough  that "bored" will never find its way back into their vocabulary.
Well, what did this move of mama's really do? A squirmy little guilt bug escaped from my 6 year old's mouth, " Why do you want to get rid of us all day? You just want time by yourself!" Well, part of that is true, but I explained to him that I did it for him...and he retorts "I just want to play video games instead." Ah, guilt bug is firmly squished with my overriding foot!
And, although I thought I'd get chores done easier with two of them at camp for 3 hours, 2 kiddos aren't that much different than four...they need attention all the same, so nothing is really getting done...(my A-D-D has something to do with this!)
Time management please!!!

2. The Writing Stuff: So, I am almost done editing my completed manuscript. And I attended another writer's conference this past month. I am SOOOO ITCHY! I would LOVE to start querying agents, and get my book out there, but I don't want to do anything prematurely. But I am consumed by it! I can't get it out of my head! I am not willing to risk rejection to knock me out of the mood...but really, when do you know you are ready to put your stuff out there and start querying? This might be a good topic for The Writer's Alley , I obviously wouldn't be able to write the post though!

So here I sit, blogging when I should be laundering, contemplating when I should be reacting to children fussing...I guess it is good to have something to think about on these not-so warm summer days....


  1. I get the not getting anything done no matter what number of kids is home. I sent the oldest away to the grandparents for a week and I thought I am going to get so much writing done! Yeah, didn't happen. The youngest is the most needy and come to find out, the oldest entertains him just enough by watching her play that she actually helps me. . .somewhat.

    I'm not at all itchy to query. Even when the last time I did it, I got requests for fulls from all of them (and still 8 months later heard nothing). I'm probably going to be one of those that sits on a pile of novels before I finally get serious about it--probably more out of fear of failure. I don't like failing. :)

  2. Oh boy, I really needed to read your guilt posts. I struggle with this so much.

    My kids are doing nature camp in a few weeks (one at a time) and I have these grandiose notions of how much writing and planning for the school year I'll get done. Its good to read others go through the same things.