Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sounds of a Newborn

My daughter's yawn.
I love listening to my baby girl.
When she was just in her first week, her little cry was a one syllable "Aa". 
I wondered if I was the luckiest mother to get such a quiet crier.
Her gulping tells me she is getting milk, and this sound provides
me with relief and assurance.
She reminds me of my boys when they were newborns,
and my memory stirs and I treasure this precious last time
to care for a newborn child as a mother.
She "sings" herself to sleep as I gently pat her. 
My oldest did that.
I chant the typical, "ah, ah, ah baby," or my Greek chant of,
"Nonny, nonny, na, ne, na."
And my sweet baby will moan softly along with me, 
her eyes growing heavy.
I love the coo's and sighs when she is looking around the room.
She is so alert. Her eyes even follow her daddy already.
And I listen to her breathing at night...sometimes a rapid shallow breath, 
making me wonder if she's about to wake, or her quiet sleeping sighs, giving me
permission to catch my own z's for a little while at least. :)
I love her sounds most, when she gets a giggle from her brothers, and I forsee
great times ahead with all four of my children belly laughing together.


  1. Angie she is precious ...your last post was also a delight.....believe me you will have a spotless house one day and will wish you had all the joy of children's fingerprints.
    I have thought of you a lot and hope you enjoy each sweet sound of your baby girl. Also did you ever get one of my cd's? If not email me your physical address and I will mail you one as a gift.
    Children grow up at the speed of life......
    Love Tanya

  2. Thanks Tanya!! I never got one of your cd's...what's it about? Looking forward to it though! :)