Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never go away.

 I just wonder when it will go away?
If I look into my daughter's eyes too long, I am brought to tears, just as I have been every time I recall the sonographer saying, "It's a girl" during my last half of pregnancy.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE being the mom of three amazing sons! They are my everything, even if they take everything outta me sometimes! ;) 
But a daughter? I just didn't expect it to ever happen, and now that it has, I can't believe the blessing!
Anyone who has known me for a while, knows I have all my old toys sitting in storage. Whenever a little girl would come visit the boys, I'd pull out my Sylvanian family doll house and let them indulge in the miniature stuff. If I thought about it too long, tears would spring knowing that I may have to wait until grandchildren to pass it down (uh...a long, long, LONG time from now) but still.
I can't even look at the tiny little baby without the little girl inside of me tugging at my heart, daydreaming about playing together some day.
I just wonder when this instant lump in my throat as I look upon my child, will go away? 
I hope never. I fear it will and I will get stuck in monotony. 
But I'll pray.


  1. I love that you still have your doll house, Angie, because I did the same thing! :) My grandpa made me a dollhouse when I was a little girl, and I still have it and can't wait to see my daughter play with it. That, and my Cabbage Patch dolls too. :)

  2. Oh Ang! I get tears just thinking about your sweet bond with Miss Libby. I wish that I had a doll house to pass down! The barbies & cabbage patch dolls that I did save, weren't in very good shape after being in a box and moving around so much; so it kind of hurt my feelings when they weren't well received by Cass. But I love my little girl (even though I was scared to death when they said "it's a girl!")!