Monday, December 13, 2010

Signs, signs, signs

So I walked into the room today, to my 8 year old on top of 5 year old, ready to knock his lights out. I gave the oldest a mean look and did a bunch of hand motions to get him out of the room, while I was talking on the phone about another type of argument. UGH! He reluctantly left, trying to explain that his brother had thrown a football directly to his head...
But as much as I see my boys take their frustrations out with physical contempt, I am guilty of taking out my own frustration with words...or I use words via mouth, email, facebook, to prove a point, mend a situation, or just vent.

Lately, God has poked and prodded so much so that "hindsight is 20/20" has been my cliche mantra for my life! If you've ever seen Bruce Almighty (okay, not necessarily a God-ordained film!) but he asks God for a sign and several signs show up that he ignores and then crashes into a lamp post.
That, my friends, is ME!
Whether the signs be a slow internet connection, a million call-waitings while I am in a sticky conversation, or a heightened swell of emotion that should never result in spoken words, I get so many signs and still resort to ignoring them to get my satisfaction in working the kinks out myself... unfortunately those kinks turn into double knots or worse, broken threads in a relationship.
Okay, I know some of my close friends and family who read this are going to say, "You're too hard on yourself", but seriously, if anyone has never been in these kinds of situations, could you please consider becoming my personal counselor?

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