Friday, December 17, 2010

Bah Hum Bug Go Away!

Lately, I have been under serious bah hum bug attack. It seems like everywhere I turn, someone says something, does something, or looks the wrong way and I become an emotional, over-sensitive, easily-offended wreck. WHY??? Why now, when it's beautiful outside (winter just began, so it shouldn't bring me down...yet), the kids are excited for Christmas, the house is decorated, and festivities are all around us?
It just seems like everything I was confident in, looking forward too, have failed and self-confidence is out the window, and I just haven't been prayed up enough to handle it!
I remember this time last year, I picked up one of my old Beth Moore studies and just started doing it on my own. I probably need to do that again...I seriously regret not taking her track this Fall, she always pushes me forward spiritually...Maybe that's my problem, I expect help along the way, instead of just trusting God to be there...ugh!


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling a bit down, Angie. As one who wrestles with self-doubt regularly, I can relate. I pray that your confidence is restored and that you're able to embrace the spirit of this wonderful season as you lean on the Lord and look to Him for your support and validation.

  2. It sounds like we are walking the same path right now. I always thought the blues came AFTER Christmas, but I definitely have something weird going on myself. What a weird funk.

    Here's to Happy Holidays, full of His Spirit, and an exciting New Year!