Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Screen Psychosis

 I often catch myself sneaking to my computer and getting caught by my kids. You may wonder why I would sneak it...well it has always been a source of guilt where I either have my attentions available to my children and house or  tunnel in on my computer screen.

As much as I remind my children of limited screen time, and complain about their attraction to gadgets and gizmos, I set the poorest example for them.

I see teenagers and adults, texting, browsing the web, or talking on the phone in what used to be physical social settings: restaurants, coffee houses, bars, malls,  kids' sporting events, car rides (yes, this is one of the most social spaces of all if you think about it...you're right next to the person)...I watch t.v. shows where kids are weeping because their phones are taken away, or interviews with celebs where their family members are texting in the background! 

I wonder what weird psychosis we are instilling in our young children, who are constantly whining for an engrossed-in-the-screen parent to pay attention to them?

I only feel capable of saying this because I am the said parent a lot of the time.

So friends, am I the only one?

Am I over sensitive at the impact our anti-physical social (vs. cyber social), self involved, technology dependent society is having on our young minds?

Should it bug me that my 4 year old would be perfectly content going from the wii, to the t.v., to the computer, to the leapster all day long until bed time? Or how about my 8 year old, who diligently saves his money to purchase an ipod touch when he already has an ipod, dsi, and other gadgets run by batteries?

What do ya think?

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  1. what a thought provoking post, Angie.

    I'm so guilty, and I've wondered the same things as you. We are definitely living in a digital age and our children will use technology in their education. But it's still difficult to know when it's just too much...

    My hubby recently told me that he read a stat that only 12% of the world has access to the internet! Doesn't that put things into perspective? We think we can't live without it, but in reality most of the world does...

    And here I am commenting on your blog while my son's sitting on the potty...I better go get him;) Like I said, I'm guilty.

    Thanks for making me think, and thanks for your kind comment on my blog, friend.