Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Sweet Monday

Our cozy little fireplace...(I took the picture with my laptop! can you see its reflection?)

Ahhh, Monday. Surprisingly, I have looked forward to this day...only because we indulged IMMENSELY in a lazy, lazy, lazy Thanksgiving holiday. Twice I woke up at 11 ish, and stayed in my p.j's for at least two of the 5 days! Did I just admit that??
So, today I am pleased to say, I am showered, dressed, and have already left the house twice before noon. It feels so good to join the land of the living!
Something else that has brightened my spirits, is the fact that my husband and I have efficiently tackled a simplified, condensed Christmas shopping list and are almost completely done! I love getting this part of the holidays over with so I can sit back and enjoy the merriment of Christmas.
Last year, I was not a happy camper. The attitude about winter hooked its icy claws in me, and I allowed it to affect me all winter long. But this year...I am enjoying the warmth inside of our home, no matter how cold and miserable it is outside. I have three excited little boys talking about Jesus' birthday and singing Christmas carols, and a little one growing and STRETCHING out inside me (ugh, my skin hurts). I also have a husband who is providing much security so we can sit in the comfort of this home, with a neat little Christmas present supply, and a bright future.
While some maybe bah-humbugging this Monday, I am sitting back and enjoying it!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh I love this!!! I love holidays where I can stay in my jammies! Those are definitely the best. It is nice to get back to a routine and be productive though. I haven't started my Christmas shopping, but hopefully soon!