Sunday, November 14, 2010

He Told Us We're Making A Difference

I recently posted about how we were going to teach our kids about selflessness this season. Well, this weekend was our Family Kick Off. And often, during times like these, when I am pouring myself out for others in obedience, I expect nothing in pat on the back from God, no warm fuzzies, because I know that there are a million and one other things I could do to make a difference and once those are done, there would still be more. It's just an expectation for my walk, not a self-satisfying do-gooder motive.
Anyway, shopping with three boys and a dad in a crowded, CROWDED store, is N-O  F-U-N! I was a bit disappointed in the lack of "fun" in our shopping trip to bless others. At one point, I heard myself reprimanding my son, "We are not getting anything for you, so stop asking! This isn't about stuff!" Hmm, Mama's patience was left somewhere in Hawaii.
We shopped and shopped, then assembled our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes this morning...which, actually was pleasant because the boys knew they had bought the gifts for someone else, and there were no toy-lined store shelves coaxing them in our living room. My husband loaded the boys up in the car, and drove to one of the only churches participating in the big OCC drop off week.
They returned shortly though, because the church was locked, even though we were told they would be having a packing party at that time.
Now here is the amazing, God's with us, we're doin' somethin' right part of my story...later that night, I sat down at my laptop to email the coordinator at that church and make sure we were able to still drop the boxes off tomorrow...when the doorbell rings.
After a few seconds, my husband buzzes through the room towards the garage and says, "You won't believe this, but some girls from THAT church are at our door collecting for a food drive. They said they would take our boxes to the church for us!"
WHAT??? First of all, that church is about ten minutes away, it's not like it was in our neighborhood... and second of all, I had told myself, "Oh well, if we can't find a way to ship them, that's okay..." but God didn't let us give up that easily...well, he didn't make us work very hard either, he just brought "Santa" to our doorstep!
Tis a magical season indeed!


  1. Awesome! I was going to bring up to the possibility of doing this for MOPS. We are doing it as a family this year as well. I'll email you...

  2. Cool!! What church is doing it this year? We have a box that we need to get somewhere, also. (you can facebook me the answer if you want!)