Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Rescue Plan Squelched!

Last night my son was in tears when we went over the make-up work his teacher sent home before our vacation in a couple of weeks. The school's policy being, get the work done before you leave, so you don't have to play catch up when you get back. But to see it laid out-- a full week's worth of school work and homework, on top of his regular homework-- was a tad overwhelming.
So after giving him hugs and reassuring him that we will get it done, I put my super mom cape on, and went downstairs to make a plan on how to tackle it all before our trip to Hawaii. 

Yeah, well, super mom wasn't so super when he got home from school today.

I was so ready to sit down and get going on the work... knowing which subject we would tackle first and what sheets. When he told me he did most of it in class during reading time, I almost started to cry. "Why? Mommy was going to help you!" I was frustrated that he went ahead and took it into his own hands! What a baby am I!
Me and him on his 8th
He has been such a self-motivated third grader...sitting down with his homework at the same time each night, getting it done with little questions asked, I felt the "mommy's-here-to-take-care-of-you" urge rise up in me at his first tears over school-related stress. It was as if he was sick with the flu and I wanted to cuddle, watch Nemo (the movie of his choice last time he had the flu...at about 15 months old), and nurture him until it was all better. But no, he had to go and do it himself, and take away my chance to be his super mom!
I am sure there will be plenty of chances ahead, not only for him, but for his brothers, to see a glimpse at their mom in action. And I am so thankful for how capable he really is at 8 years old. But I can't help and admit, I like it when he needs Mom To The Rescue every once in a while!

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