Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just So Sick!

It's all relative. Really. I just can't always keep a smile on my face even though I am so thankful for this pregnancy. Morning sickness has brought me to my knees. Somedays are okay, but then there are other days where I just want to cry-- today is one of those days.
My three boys have so much energy, and I  can't let my green face get in the way of my number one job. I am single mommin' it for the evening, so I have to get dinner for them and take my oldest to his first flag football practice. I am so excited that they have things to do, because I am in no way an "entertainer" these days...but even thinking about standing in the heat while my football player practices his heart out, makes my stomach churn double time. Lord give me strength!
So this little bean inside me has been prayed for, hoped for, and loved abundantly already, I just wish my body was a little more tolerant of HCG!

1 comment:

  1. have you tried preggie pops? Lemon drops? self induced coma? Just thinkin' out loud :o) just think, it's almost 2nd trimester time!!