Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kinda sorta getting ready!

So as the big writing conference inches closer...two weeks away...I feel somewhat prepared, but more like I'm in my re-occuring dream that I show up to take my math final without having ever been to the class before! Sometimes it's high school, sometimes it's college, but none-the-less I have absolutely no idea what is expected of me at that panicky moment in my dream.
I have been connected with other first timers to the ACFW conference, and have been prepped by very knowledgeable staff and veterans of the writing world...but still, you gotta come face to face with professionals and when you're as amateurish as me, that's a bit intimidating.
I remember the ASLA conference (American Society of Landscape Architects) my fifth year of college, and knowing that I would walk away with at least an interview or two, hopefully leading to a job offer...I had a five year degree almost completed and I was young, vibrant, and ready to push my way to the top.
Now??? I have been home with my kids for 8 years, picking up toys, changing diapers, stressing out about what to make for dinner, not what sounds best to pitch a novel! If I wasn't such a competitive person, I think I would be able to walk into that conference laid back and ready to learn...but I have a book and I want a chance!
So I guess, between now and then, I am going to try and relax, but also trick my mind into thinking, "You ARE a writer"and as Barbara Scott from www.therovingeditor.blogspot.com said, "It is only the beginning."


  1. I'm in your same boat. :-) Stay at home mom meets big scary agents with a dream and a prayer. Hope I bump into you there . . .
    Jenn Fromke