Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cherished Childhood

I still remember the imaginative games my sisters and I played as children. We would dress up as princesses, make houses for rolypolies out of grass clippings, create wild adventures for our little animal figurines, we even covered ourself in mud and pretended we were orphans, walking around the neighborhood in our swimsuits!
It gives me overwhelming joy to see my sons push aside toys (now, sometimes it annoys me because of all the junk we have just sitting there), and interact with each other as different characters, on different missions, in different worlds than reality. Often, I eavesdrop on their conversations, and it takes a minute to realize, nope, they aren't talking to their brothers, but their co-hero or their pretend father! Ha!

It's a relief to know, that they are still embracing their childhood, and will hopefully cherish it as much as I cherish mine.


  1. So sweet! You're making me want to have another baby, just so Jack will get to experience the things I never did as an only child.