Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Little Reasons to Smile!

I have a lot to smile about, but I don't always think of my life that way. I guess I am a glass half empty girl, and that is something I must overcome! For Smile Sunday, I decided to think of a time this past week when each of my boys made me smile:
My 7 year old- when he showed an appreciative grin after I tucked him in bed, and chose to settle next to him to hear all about the baseball game I missed that day.
My 5 year old- when he found excitement in receiving mail addressed only to him...even just a thank you note from a birthday party.
My 3 year old- when he stopped and stared at me while I was getting ready one day and said, "Mom, I just said I love you in my head." His face was full of concentration when he did! So sweet!
Hope you are able to celebrate all your blessings this Sunday! Happy Sunday!

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  1. This is beautiful! I love the last comment of "Mommy I just said I love you in my head." So adorable! Thank you for joining in today! I gave you an award! You deserve it!

    Mama Hen