Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rocking the Mommy Boat

One of my good friends posted in her Facebook status how good it felt to rock her older child to sleep the other night. I remember the days of rocking my own children to sleep, and it was the greatest feeling but also a time of self-doubt. I had to push aside guilt of rocking them instead of using the method from the latest book, and also push away anxiety that I had other things to do besides being stuck in a chair.

Being a mom these days has several benefits but also several choices that many parents didn't think much about years ago. To nurse or bottle feed, to rock to sleep or cry it out, to make your own baby food or buy pre-made? As a mother out of the baby phase, I realize that I allowed these small "controversies"to become an ongoing guilt trip in my mind, an awareness that there was a group of moms out there that would look at me and judge that I just used water instead of milk in the rice cereal, or I let my 11 month old have a cookie before his first birthday! Just like in the battle of stay-at-home moms and working moms, we are making it so hard on our fellow moms to just enjoy this season!

I have many friends who have chosen each of the options above, and their children are healthy, happy, and adjusted. I send this out to all the moms out there as a small reminder that you have been given the mighty duty of motherhood- uniquely designed for your unique child...Don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy the moment!

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  1. Either way the most important thing is love! Love, laugh and praise your children for all of their amazing accomplishments. You are a great mom! I think every mom questions themselves because they want the best for their children. Once again it all comes from love! I will add your link tonight!

    Mama Hen