Sunday, July 4, 2010

He Pointed to Jonah

Twice today, I was referenced to the story of Jonah. Once in a book that I have been reading, Get Off Your Knees And Pray, and then in my Beth Moore study, Stepping Up about twelve hours later. Isn't it amazing how intricately the Spirit works? And what's most amazing, He worked specifically today through these two books, because something needed to be worked out in me.
When I feel wronged or my impression of someone goes sour, there's a part deep down that immediately wants to quit and walk away as if I could continue on with no heartache and everything would be peachy. Just like Jonah, I want to runaway from tough people, tough situations, or possible contempt. But then, when I do, my heart and mind get buried and weigh heavy- and I am about as useful as if I were sitting in the bottom of a divine whale-ish prison.
God wants to show me something through ALL things- every person, every situation, ALL my encounters are an opportunity for my own good, and His wonderful Glory to be shown (I learned this great concept in When Life And Beliefs Collide)!
I stumble so much that, sometimes I don't remember who I am, what my worth is in Christ, and how important each moment could be if I lived completely by the Spirit.
Does this life every feel like a sluggish dream, and one day we will awake to a vibrant reality called, "Eternity"?

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