Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Ignorant Copycat

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I take for granted the sheer joy of cruising along in a friendship with no idea that something I did or said was offensive. It's nice to think everything is okey dokey...for a while. But then, when I realize something is really wrong I kick and scream wondering why the heck I just found out now! You just can't have the best of both worlds. :(
I am a fixer. I find out the problem and you usually won't see me hesitate. I jump right in to work things out. The other day, I realized even after the solution was activated and successful, I turned into my own enemy. I began to switch roles with the person and found my issues to mirror what we had just worked out. I know this may seem vague.
Maybe this will help:  I learned that I am a copy cat, and there are rarely any times in life with this is an admirable quality. I am very aware to not copy a friend's idea or venture...unless I give that person some sort of credit. But what I do copy, is reactions and emotions- unintentionally of course. Once I witness a reaction to a situation, it isn't long before I find myself copying that same reaction somewhere down the line! It's just like when a non-mother criticizes a mother's parenting...give that non-mother the miracle of birth, and she will soon eat her words!
So, the only real solution to all this? Is to rise above it and realize that I am only in control of myself. Nothing I can say will really fix an issue unless I am willing to look inside myself and take credit for some part of the messiness. I need an internal mirror to gage my heart and intentions, because if I don't stop and really think about what's going on, my ignorance will unblissfully trip me up!

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  1. Hey Supamom, I think we all need to evaluate ourselves at times and take note of how we are handling things. We do learn by watching others and at times it can be hard to "change", but we have to try. As you said, nothing you can say will really fix an issue unless you are willing to look inside. Life is all about learning and change. It is great that you are able to see things you want to work on. Many people don't. I hope you have a great night!

    Mama Hen