Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Words With A Cherry On Top

Today has been a day of subtle affirmations. It has been a normal summer day for the boys and me- actually quite a full day with a museum visit, picnic lunch with friends, a birthday party, and a baseball game.
As I settle down tonight and reflect, I was blessed today with several positive affirming words from different people in my life. This is so special to me because I have always battled with self-doubt. I realize more and more that I struggle with it when I am in a spiritual low. But the cool thing is that God's hand is quick to lead me out soon after I feel the fall.
Being such a social creature, I was given words from those around me to remind that there is no need to doubt my every move, because, even though I am very fallible, I am also on a path to make a difference for my children, my marriage, my community. And the tiny shoots of growth are hidden within the mess of life, but occasionally they come sprouting through to remind me that growth is indeed at hand.
I am pleased to accept an award, The Cherry On Top Award ( affirming my recent blogging passion). The rules are to thank the person that sent it to me. Thank you Mama Hen!
Now I must write three things I love about myself: (this is SO hard for me!)
I love that I can find the good in most every person I meet, I love that I follow through with my passions to try and make a difference, and I LOVE being a mom of BOYS! I will pass this on to five of my blogging friends who also deserve such a fun award: The Brannon Bunch, We Three Smiths +1, one of my favorite mentors Tanya, Each Day Is A Gift, and What Joey Did Today.
And finally, I need to post a picture I love:
Trying to fill Daddy's shoes from the very start!
I pray that you too, find yourself lifted up by friends and family, and that tomorrow is a blessing beyond measure!

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  1. Congratulations! You deserve this award! I love this picture! So cute! That is such a great quality to be able to see the good in most people. I think everyone has one and deserves the chance to show it.I am happy you will be joining me in Thanksgiving Thursday!

    Mama Hen