Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who Do We Think We Are?

Today, I read some really disturbing attacks on my "religion" based on the stupid decisions of a private school in Florida. It sickened me that the public ungrace shown by the administrators of the school brought forth full attack on the entire Christian realm. And really, if I were a non-Christian, I am sure I would have been right there with them. Not that hate is appropriate at anytime, but knowing that the world so often shows the disturbing minds who call themselves "Christians" and this may be the only "type" non-Christians see, I can see their reason to reject it.
My heart aches when I see how much abuse the Lord's name takes, by non-Christians AND Christians alike. There are so many who use their man-made "religion" to set unreal standards and biased opinions, instead of knowing that God is not in a box, not a religion, but the Almighty Lover of their SOULS!
MY God is one of GRACE, TRUTH, and LOVE...not only sometimes, not only when we are good and obedient, He is ALL those things, at ALL times. It is not His believers or those who claim to believe, who define Him. If we embrace who He really is, then it is He who defines us. That's it. Not any tradition, building, man-made law or doctrine. IT IS ONLY HIM.
Today I realized that His wrath must be so complex. There are those who provoke it by staring down their noses, stealing away God's position as "Judge", declaring their ways the only ways, and throwing out those who fall short by justifying it through manipulating God's Word.
But then, seeing the hatred this sparked showed me the ignorance of others, who condemn all Christians for these mentioned pious ones, denying and desecrating the name of God because of mere man. This is just as terrible as equating all muslims to the twisted terrorists who attacked our nation. IT'S WRONG.

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  1. If everyone would have respect for one another the world would surely be a better place. The key is so simple - be kind, loving and caring while on this beautiful earth! Sadly, so many people get caught up with what they think is "right" and "wrong" that they lose what is truly "good". Have a great day!

    Mama Hen