Friday, June 11, 2010

Rainy Reminders

I learn a lot from my children. Today, I took the dog on a walk at 5:30am instead of swimming. I just didn't feel like getting in my suit and driving. I spent the time in prayer and reflection. A lot of hashing out was also done between me and Him, as I have been in a funk lately.

Many of you know, from Facebook mostly, that I am miserable when it's miserable outside. Never have I felt this way until these past two years. I think it has something to do with three energetic boys needing the great outdoors desperately. When we are cooped up inside for too long, the natives DO get restless, then mama gets frustrated and when I start out the day like that, it's hard to shake.

Yesterday, the rain came down, and the boys were wild, but suddenly they stopped, and stood at the glass door talking to their visiting friends about the "bubbles" the rain was making on the patio. Granted, the conversation only lasted a couple of minutes, but during my walk today, I thought about how they didn't bicker about not playing outside (at that moment anyway!) they just admired the natural beauty that was overcoming their largest playscape.
Oh how I pray that I always find the beauty in my situation, and that praises always remain on my lips no matter the circumstance. For the Maker of Heaven and Earth is All Good, in All He does.


  1. It is hard to be stuck inside when the little ones need to run off some energy outside! Can you get rain boots on them and go out to do some puddles jumping? I know a lot of friends who take their kids to the local mall to just run off some energy. We have bounce houses here that are great for those kind of days. Just a few ideas. In the winter I know my daughter needs to run around also. It is tough to be cooped up inside. I hope the sun comes out! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. Great ideas, Mama Hen! We have an indoor kid's museum that I need to get a membership at...Daddy's taken them out puddle "diving" before, I guess I could handle a little of the mess myself. :) I just need to get creative with breaking up the monotony.