Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The neatly folded BEAST

So I am procrastinating laundry. WHY if the house needs vacuuming, or the furniture needs rearranging, or the bathroom needs a wipe down- why does it not bother me so?? But when there are three loads to be put away upstairs, and two in the laundry room, why am I on the computer finding time to write about it instead of actually doing it? My effort in decorating my laundry room in hopes that I would enjoy the chore more, has failed, and I am, once again, HATING the annoying beast oozing out of my hampers and laundry baskets!
I would love to know how any of you tackle this you set aside one day a week? Do a couple loads a day? Spend a late night catching up? I always have loads in each machine, dirty clothes in the laundry room baskets, dirty clothes in each bathroom hamper, and a couple of loads ready to be put away!! I am SURROUNDED! I wish that I could ignore it and not care. But as life goes on, I continually struggle with two traits that have resided in me since I was in college...perfectionism and laziness. They hate each other and rage against each other even now- when I don't have a deadline, a project, or a final...Maybe if I gave myself a timeline, perfectionism would win...but my little devil knows better and will just talk to lazy Angie and say, "put it off, who cares, facebook is more fun...or better yet, Golden Girls is on!"


  1. my house is on the smaller side, so i keep one dirty laundry hamper in my bedroom and as soon as it is full (or spilling on the floor) i take it downstairs and sort it out into the separate baskets and i attempt to do 2 load a day, and fold them while i watch my favorite TV shows at night. In the winter, I have a Monday laundry day with my Sis-in-law where we post all day how many loads we have done and encourage each other to do it all. good luck! Jen B

  2. Great idea Jen! I tried to have all the boys put their clothes in our hamper, so it's all in one place...but they are I will try and do the same thing with two hampers...I guess as long as I can get it put away, it doesn't bother me if everything is in its place!

  3. Too funny, Angie! I guess we were on the same page yesterday! :)