Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am a recovering liar

The boys are making me a liar. When they were little, I would say, "Oh, they love that food", and then they would spit it out and make a face. So when they were babies, they made me a liar in a funny way. But now, they make me a liar to myself.

I get these self-esteem boosts when Cody and I come up with a game plan to instill rules and positive discipline in the boys. I feel like we are on top of things, and we are "intentionally" parenting to give our kids the respect, consideration, and honesty they need to bestow on others. But what happens when they do everything opposite of what you are teaching them at home? What happens when all those parents that you discuss your accomplishments and ideas with, see your children misbehaving in such a way where they contradict every principle you have worked so hard on making a priority?

 I am sure that you are thinking...don't worry about what others think...but if you are thinking that, think about all the times you have criticized a mother, father, or a child for the misbehaviors that you see. I do it. I am guilty. Therefore, I do consider what others think.
I wish that I could label each of their foreheads with the traits that they each uniquely have, making them sweet, pleasant children:

My eldest would have a sign that says Loyal, Believer, Family-oriented
My middle would have a sign that says Fun-loving, Outgoing, Self-sacrificing
My youngest would have a sign that says Bold, Happy, Friendly

As I look back on my past few entries...we have definitely been on some sort of a roller-coaster! I think maybe it's to do with the transition from Winter to Summer...being Spring, of course...but wow, I never would have thought that I want to get this season over with (it's so beautiful outside), and get on to Summer!

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  1. I also worry (probably too much) about what others are thinking of our Ryder. I try my hardest to instill rules and respect, but sometimes they don't shine through. Persistence is the key and one day it will all click. That's what gets me through those moments!