Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So How's It Going? Give me Summer!

I was frantically driving my second grader to school, hoping that his teacher would not count him tardy for the eighth time....geez, my kids are sleepy heads and have to be DRAGGED out of bed each morning...and as I drove, jamming to some uplifting music, I did a bit of soul searching, trying to figure out what I would say if someone asked "how's it going?" I am glad to say, it's going well, but, because my novel has been on my mind lately, I couldn't get one of the lines out of my head (and I hope this doesn't seem narcissistic to quote my own book, but because some of it is so true to who I am, it best describes the language of my heart, and I find my heart revisits these different postures often!)
"Life rushed forward at full force and Gwyneth wanted to pull some sort of emergency brake on life for a moment."
The above quote has been rattling in my brain this whole school year, and I know it will be a theme in the years to come!
At one point, the only day of the week we didn't have an extra-curricular activity scheduled was Monday night...and that was Cody's and my date night, so we really didn't spend it as a family. Can I remind you that I only have one kid in school??? I can't imagine what the high school years are going to look like when all three boys are playing something! 
I long for the lazy days of summer, and an end to the craziness of pursuing the culture's parenting style of "keep your kids busy,busy,busy." Honestly, Cody and I thought we were doing a great job by only allowing the boys to be in one thing at a time, but with three boys, that's three commitments a week, and usually at least one of those commitments takes up two nights!
Okay, so I will stop ranting on that, and take a chunk of the blame because, as I have become a thirty-something staying home with the minds of children all day, I have also craved grown-up socializing! So, we have committed, not only the boys, but ourselves as well, and although it has been fun, something's gotta give! I am going to skip an event tonight, which is hard for me because it involves mexican food!! :) Ah, the sacrifices we make! Just kidding!
My oldest affirmed my desire to slow down, when he saw the beautiful sunshine and wished it was Saturday. I hope I remember these times of wanting to slow down when we are in the midst of summer-- I hope I am not wishing for school to start because my kids are bored and driving me bonkers! I hope that I remember another quote from my novel.
Oh that I feel this over the days of summer and may the "fellowship" be with my KIDS:

"The love, attention, and petrified minutes swathed her in a dreamy retreat. Sometimes it consumed her so much, Gwyneth wondered how she could ever leave this place and return to a life of responsibility and effort. The conversation was long and the place of frozen time nothing urged the conversation forward. It was a gradual babbling brook caressing the subtle stones with loving passion for fellowship."

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