Monday, April 26, 2010

A happier glimpse of motherhood

Okay, so I wanted to also give a pleasant picture of motherhood...this is earlier on in the novel...
"Softly petting the newborn’s fuzzy brown hair, Gwyn thought it must be the softest touch in the world--a newborn’s head. Her daughter drifted off and her suckles became less and less. The tiny infant was sleeping soundly and securely. Suddenly life had a purpose, bigger than Gwyneth could ever imagine. Her heart begged her to weep and laugh at the same time. To know that she was given this child to nurture and guide for years ahead, was certainly overwhelming. But to see the beauty of life in the tiny face, the soft breath, the petite fingers gripping her own, and the glow of innocence, all wrapped up in this baby in her arms, was almost too much to draw breath. Gwyneth didn’t want to move in fear of losing this gratitude and wonderment for this gift which the Creator entrusted to her and Will.
Tears spilled down her face. Seldom can she recall times in her life where she cried for joy and not sadness. There were times where her tears of joy were also mixed with fear or relief-- but not this time. This time she cried purely for joy, with no other emotion to taint it. God taught Gwyneth the meaning of joy that day. And there were no words to describe it. She prayed that she would always remember this feeling- joy. And she thanked God for revealing it to her through her precious daughter. What a beautiful day. The sunshine poured in. What a beautiful life. She praised God. "

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