Friday, March 19, 2010

Sex Ed 100.5

ref=sib_dp_pt.jpgDaddy read the first book in a series (this was for 4-6 yr olds), to the boys during family time. It was very sweet and brief about the different body parts and how babies come out of the mom's tummy. The whole reading session made me realize that this will be a long road but I am glad we are opening up the topic now that they are young. My seven year old's mouth dropped open and he looked at me as if waiting for me to reprimand him for saying the "word" for a girl's part (I will spare you the word) and my five year old was full of giggles (no surprise) thanks to the crude use of the terms learned from more versed friends.
I finally lost my straight face when he said remorsefully, "those poor babies have to come out of the bagina." It was definitely more difficult than I thought it would be! Oh there will be many, MANY conversations ahead, for sure! Hopefully by the time they are preteens we will be able to have open discussion about this topic like dental hygiene...doubtful! But at least we can say, that we have laid the first VERY rudimentary layer of a safe open family foundation!

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