Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Neck of the Woods

The sun is streaming in, the snow is almost completely gone in the backyard, and the tinkling of the wind chimes fills the house. I am full of reminiscent joy from last Spring as I think about the perfect plan God had for us when we moved here- to live in this wonderful neighborhood with the excited energy of neighbors who want to socialize in our common green space after being cooped up all winter behind their walls! I haven't yet had 2010's first impromptu social gathering in the backyard, but the anticipation shines brighter as the light at the end of the dreary winter tunnel beams along the muddied lawn. Oh Spring! Our middle America experience has definitely given stronger importance to this transitional season, what with the snow disappearing and the hearts of all around gripped in social cheerfulness. Cody and I certainly are social beings to the core, and although God's plan is much more extensive than filling our social calendars, we are certainly blessed beyond measure in our "neck of the woods".

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