Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Seasons

   The fog is thick. I could only see my turn off from the highway right when I was up on it. But that is fine by me. Better than snow! We can see almost all of our grass in the backyard right now. It's funny how quickly two feet of snow can melt away. I am not complaining in the least though! Thank you, LORD that Spring is actually in existence! I was beginning to wonder if the snow would ever melt. I know that we weren't finished with the snow until mid-April last year, but to have a little bit of green to rest our eyes on for a couple weeks is enough to brighten any foggy day! 
   A new season is upon us in more ways than one. I am having my first coffee date with a friend that has nothing to do with a playdate for our kids. Actually, our kids aren't even here because her son is in my second grader's class. My three year old is at preschool, and my five year old is upstairs watching Noggin. Can't believe my schedule is actually opening up a bit to have social time in the morning! It's funny how quickly life happens. It seems like only yesterday I was nursing one child while screwing the lid on a sippy cup and talking with a friend on the phone, all at the same time. Now, the house is tidy, quiet, and smells of cinnamon crumb cake. I will enjoy the beginning of Spring and the beginning of a new mommy season today, but I know I will be ready for boisterous, playful, energetic noise soon enough! Ah, the grass is always greener, huh?

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