Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Mama's Pre-Reflection

What I will miss most when they're all grown up...
(I know that grandparents will tell me to just wait...but these babies are the only babies I am guaranteed)

The rummaging of legos in the basement

The surprise of waking up next to a child who crawled in my bed in the middle of the night without waking me.

The hundreds of papers with drawings of stick figures, L-I-B-B-Y, trees, flowers, scribbles...strewn all over the table tops, living room floor, dining room floor, bookshelves...oh my.

The sound of sweet children's t.v. while I cook.

Two brothers playing catch in the front yard.

Two brothers giggling in the late hours of the night.

The clipity-clop of my high heels being worn by little feet, and the swish of my knee high dress brushing the floor as it's modeled by the little mama holding her American Girl.

And I am sure there is more...but lastly for now...

I'll miss giggle boxes turned upside down, when all four of my children get along...for those brief moments...everything is right in our home.

That's what I'm going to miss. 


  1. It will come back. My grown ghildren are best friends and spend time with each other. When they come home, the laughter and joy in the is a piece of heaven.

  2. Me Too! I miss those little hands that used to hold mine. I miss those little sweet smelling boys after a bath. There are always new blessings, but they are different and somehow not as sweet as knowing they are all under your roof and content.