Thursday, June 9, 2016

Character Is Out-of-Fashion

My husband and I don't agree on many things, but one thing that we are both passionate about, is raising our kids with character. From the inappropriate playground talk my boys share with me, and the entitlement factor that seems to thread its way through every age group under eighteen these days, I feel like we are walking a very strenuous uphill trek to instill the integrity, character, and respect that seems to lose value every second of my children's growing up.

We see it in our school systems where kids don't have to do their best on their homework or tests the first time...because they are offered a make up date for EVERYTHING. I am not quite sure if this is because of entitled parents pushing school policy for their kids to get the grades they need for acceptance at their alma mater, or if it is an outcropping of a new kind of student that teachers and schools are forced to give that extra chance for their own funding.
Either way, it lacks character and integrity on both sides, in my opinion.

We see it all over youth sports. Where kids no longer know what it means to play as a team, but because of the examples around them...ahem, parents (I am guilty here)...they expect to get their way in the lineup, on the field, and even in a summer baseball camp where they push and shove their way to the front of the line because they are the deserving "A" player.

We see it on the news when politicians, lawmakers and judges decide they just don't care about how their decisions affect others as long as they cater to an elite few. The loudest most obnoxious get their way...and the one with character and steady footing is forgotten (I can think of a candidate who never got the chance he deserved to become a presidential hopeful).

And speaking of presidential candidates, what do our two choices for this upcoming election truly teach our children about integrity, character, and respect?

Just that they really aren't important.

Money is important, fame is important, slander is important.

I don't know about you, but I am not 100% committed to a date at the polls this November.  I am just going to focus on my family...and build character here. Maybe one day, it will be in fashion again.

Here's a telling article on character:

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