Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hiding From The World

It's a scary world out there.

And our kids are living in it.

But because it's scary, we get the chance to teach our kids important lessons...lessons they would never learn unless they are faced with it...while we are near them to guide them. If we wait to send them out in the scary world as adults, then they won't have us beside them to guide them. And frankly, it might be too late.

We don't want to raise gullible, naive adults, do we?

We don't want to raise outspoken, judgmental people who think there is only one way to do something, and who can't handle if someone shows them a different way?

Our kids need to be raised in a way that they cling to what they know is fruitful and abundant, and have a heart to share that with the world. They'll never have a chance if they are hidden from the world. They will never be credible if they come to the "game" too late.

It's time we raise up strong, passionate human beings who are not scared of the world, but who know the world and choose to make it better.

Christ sat at the table with sinners. He didn't tell his apostles to hide in the corner and wait for him to return. He sent them OUT.

I want my kids to live in this world, discover the good, the bad, and the ugly...and know that the good is the path to take. I don't want to hide the bad and the ugly so they don't even recognize it, or they run from it and miss the opportunity to make a difference.

They need to know. They need to be equipped now, so they can stand out later.

Hiding from the world never did anyone any good. And it's not what Christ commands of us. We need to be in it...not of it...but in it, so we can make a difference.

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