Friday, April 1, 2016

Faith Like That: Faith-Filled Friday

My five year old daughter and her friends often play make-believe around the house. Many times, I have accidentally answered to her call, "Mom!" when she is actually talking to her friend who is pretending to be the mom.

It's pretty stinking cute to listen to their chatter. The, "And pretend that...", "And I will pretend this",  "You be so and so..."

Something that I've noticed also, with these conversations going at full speed amidst toy kitchens, toy furniture, toys EVERYWHERE, is that many times, God comes up too. And there is no, "Who's that?" or "Do you mind if I share?" But, I get to hear the beautiful ideas about our Creator from the mouths of babes.

Not that my daughter even knows her friends believe or don't. Not that she even really cares. It's just a part of her language, a part of her growing heart that there is God, and He is good, and He loves her no matter what.

To have faith like that. Sometimes she'll squeeze herself tight and say, "I am giving God a hug, because He's in my heart." And sometimes, out of the blue, around people who might or might not enjoy such a declaration, she exclaims, "I love Jesus so much!"

Sure, you might think that she's learned it all and it means nothing deep down. But if you were a fly on our wall, I can shamefully say that there have been many months where God was an unspoken name, where I feared the fight that might spring from mentioning Him. And so, somehow, the few and far between whispers mingled in my daughter's mind, and the breath of God has begun to blow in to her Spirit. And she knows.

She is His. That's something pretty special.

To have Faith like that.

The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs, Christ says. 

If Heaven is as joy-filled and abounding in love as my little girl shows...I just have to say, I want a Faith like that.

Have a faith-filled Friday...because Jesus loves you so much!

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