Friday, December 11, 2015

Seeds of Disbelief, Roots of Love

I have lies in my head. I have the naysayers declaring that the virgin birth is false...that the translation was actually more of a biased implication than a truth. I have the lie blaring in my heart that there is ancient folklore with similar legends to the Christ story. That if there is one culture with a virgin birth or a God turned to man, then that means the whole story of Christ is just a copycat. That the human need for a perfect father (and perfect mother) is the instigator for such a fabricated story as Christ's birth, life, and resurrection.

These are the seeds of disbelief that threaten my heart this Christmas season.

I don't know if my faith would withstand the knowledge I know now, if I didn't have the past years of pouring Christ-centered knowledge into my heart. I see beyond the individual lines of text and I see the overall themes from Genesis to Revelation. I understand the ancient use of covenants, and how perfectly aligned this practice is with the redemption story of Christ's coming. I find the beauty in such perfect historical timing of Christ's first coming, and how He spoke words so deeply wise to the human condition, the human heart, the human creation that even if all the details are skewered and theologies are in error, no man on Earth could have gotten it so beautifully perfect.

But then, His words and His witnesses cannot be denied. He is the Christ. The perfect one sent down
from a Father who chose to relieve his creation of burden and flaw, and redeem them with the final sacrifice to fulfill that final covenant which we broke.
Christ is our Covenant Representative.
He is the one who took the rightful punishment so that we may survive and live. Redemption is ALL OVER the Holy Scriptures...It never waivers, it never disappoints. God can't help but find Mercy, because He loves us.

Enough to dwell among us. Enough to be a walking example of that love. No matter what the naysayers declare, there is nothing more powerful than Love.

From the Love of a God, to the Love of a Young Woman, to the Love of a People, to the Love of a Savior...Immanuel dwelt among us that we might Love. And Live.

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