Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Gift to Behold

My little girl.

She is such a JOY. Everything we do, big or small, she squeals and declares, "I am so excited!" She overflows with joy and excitement. From the first piece of chocolate in the advent calendar, to a ridiculous mound of snow (that wouldn't stick) with rocks and a stub nose (all we had were baby carrots) who she proudly calls 'Olaf', my little girl has grown such a contagious energy around here that Christmas magic seems to be all about! My daughter's heart is so full of wonder and love and joy, witnessing it has been a great gift.

And really, isn't that what Christmas is about? Christ came for our hearts. To change us from the inside out...not to worry so much about the "stuff" but to accept, delight, and rest in the "spirit".

This Christmas season, I am realizing that life's too short to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the over-planning, the micro-managing of Christmas traditions. I am just going to enjoy the season...the anticipation of Christ's birthday, but also this special time of year through the eyes of my children.
Before, I may have been known to be a humbug...getting caught in the trap of who "owns" the season...the religious vs. secular bickering of what we should be celebrating and who we should be focusing on.
But whose got time for that when there are soooo many more important things to fight for, and so much love to pour out on this broken, hungry world?
The more I learn, the more I see how much deeper Christ's gift goes. It really is about the heart. He's bigger than a season, a tradition, and a world filled with division.
He's the giver of PEACE, LOVE, HOPE, and JOY.
And my little girl's heart overflows with these many, many times. What a gift to behold!

Merry Christmas!

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