Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's All About The Heart: Verse Mapping

I cannot believe what I have just uncovered as I mapped a verse...or two, today. I started at Mark 4:33-34, and then ended with Isaiah 6:9... Can we say back to front? Well, funny enough, that's what I learned in my Bible Study today... Jesus literally turned words upside down to right everything upward.

Taking Scripture and translation for face value possibly gives us false doctrine. Digging deep and understanding the context, meaning, and language...that will reveal something huge! I am seeing how important it is to have educated,
wise instruction, as well as extensive resources to get to the "heart" of the matter.

Praising God in all His consistency and GLORY!
I may still have a thing or two to learn about verse mapping, but it has been such a blessing so far! the words of Kristy Cambron, "MIND BLOWN!"

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