Friday, October 16, 2015

False Identity: Fictitious Friday Part II

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It's time for another crumb from the Tudor legacy....another glimpse at the intertwining of the bard and a woman years before his time...AND a GIVEAWAY opportunity!

In high school, I had to stand in front of my English class and recite Polonious's monologue to his son. And I will never forget the timeless morsel of wisdom carried on across culture and time.

Today's Fictitious Friday (part deux) highlights this:

Intrigued yet?

GIVEAWAY entry time!

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What line, phrase, or character has stuck in your mind from your school days? And how can you apply it to your life today?

I would have to say, besides the above quote, Jane Eyre has been a character who has been in my mind since my Junior year of high school when I first read Bronte's novel. Jane overcame much, and even though she was wronged, her love and compassion win above all!

Hope to hear from you!

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