Monday, September 14, 2015

Putting The Brakes On Growing Up: Mama Drama Monday

This weekend has been a doozie. Drama with each of my boys. 

Real drama. 

Like peer pressure, bullying, and plain ol' disappointment. Ugh. 

And with it, comes Mama Drama moments RAMPED UP...and Mama STEPPIN' UP. 

Gotta talk, gotta process, gotta PRAY!

So when my little girl clarifies that yes, the Easter bunny isn't real but thankfully mermaids are... I just wanna let her think that. Usually, I find myself wanting to prep her to be practical and wise. I try to give her a grip on "the real world" and teach her the difference between fantasy and truth. 
But this weekend, my sons came to me in tears because of really hard lesson things up moments. And I looked at my sweet innocent daughter and thought, 
"You stay there and believe in fairytales. just a little longer. Because, soon, life is going to get hard. Harder than picking out pink or purple, what you'll choose for your birthday, and how many packets of fruit snacks you may have. "
One day, her heart will hurt because someone chose to hurt it. One day, she'll worry more about what her friends think than what she truly wants. One day, growing up won't be just about lipstick and dress-ups.

Gonna put the brakes on growing up as best as I can. Even if it means mermaids are real. Because one day, life won't be all about pretty colors, and one day, she'll stop believing in fairytales.

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