Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What My Daughter Needs, World!

Ever wish you could have the whole world's attention? Not in a vain way, but in a plea or a shout for change? As I raise three boys and one little girl in this ever-changing place, I cannot help but form a kind of 'call to action' for each of my children, but lately, for my daughter's sake.

She's a wide-eyed, ever-laughing, ever-dreaming four year old girl. And there is so much life and potential in her and so much I want for her future.

If I could grab the world's attention, these are a few line items I'd ask for in my 'call to action' on behalf of my daughter:

Value her. She is a precious girl. Don't minimize that. Don't excuse it. Don't act as though there is nothing special about her being a 'girl'. When she runs like a girl, she runs fast and hard. When she plays like a girl, she nurtures and dreams and pays attention to details and personalities and choreography. She is a girl, and she is special in that. She is a girl and there is power in that. She is a girl and there is blessing in that. Don't put shame on her for embracing her gender, for leaning into her bent, for loving pink.

Protect her. There is an innocence aflame in her heart, and she deserves to kindle it throughout her childhood. There is no reason she should learn the evils of the human condition just yet. Let her plant her feet firmly in goodness and hope-sure armor for your woes in the future. Remember the little eyes, the young ears, the shaping heart, and try to respect the newness of a child's mind. Don't let your bitterness, apathy, unreachable ideals forget about purity and the importance of maturity. 

Be kind to her. She is an openly loving, carefree little girl and she doesn't expect anything less than kindness. When you, World, shout  ideals and legislation and agendas, remember that she expects kindness. Her opinions and ideas and dreams might not line up with the status quo, but kindness matters no matter what.

These are giant requests. Unreasonable, for sure. But if I could stand on the world's soapbox, I would. For her.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Our daughters deserve the best! :)

  2. Broke my heart. Oh Angie I love this, I have two daughters and I treasure them. Thanks.
    Kathy Bailey

    1. Daughters are so special! Thanks for stopping by, Kathy! Have a fabulous day.